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A Reading & Conversation with Mrs. Annye Anderson

Tim will be moderating a conversation with the always fascinating Mrs. Annye Anderson about her debut memoir Brother Robert: Growing Up With Robert Johnson, and her nearly 97 years on the planet. Please come if you can!

Robert Johnson, one…

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New Collaboration with Omar Sosa

A couple of hundred million years ago what became West Africa and Massachusetts were in the same place. The plates shifted, a fissure opened in the proto continent and became the Atlantic ocean. We and our ancestors have crossed that…

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Remembering John Cohen

TE and Brendan Gleeson, June 2002 photo by John Cohen. We'll be remembering John at the Brooklyn Folk Festival this weekend.

NYC FILM PREMIERE, 8:00pm: Different Johns – a documentary film that explores the different lives of John Cohen: old…

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Pumpkintown: Songs, Stories from a New England Village


"The imagery was enchanting and engaging, varying from Victorian graphics to etheral, surreal, and painterly images.  It is as if one is spying through a keyhole into a kaleidoscopic journey of other worlds, coming into focus much like a dream."

That Folking Podcast: Tim Eriksen

Folking is a podcast series examining modern & historical issues through the lens of folklore, music and dance traditions, featuring the music and words of independent global musicians and contemporary tradition bearers, everywhere. 

"Genevieve's great spirit, curatorial listening and curiosity…

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Esplanade Festival: Songs of deliverance

"Tim Eriksen presents two hymns in the Sacred Harp singing tradition against a wintry backdrop of the pastoral Western Massachusetts, United States, in response to Esplanade’s festival, A Tapestry of Sacred Music. In the theme of deliverance, especially in this…

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I Wish the Wars Were All Over

Tim's song, I Wish the Wars Were All Over Chosen by Joan Baez to be her last recorded musical statement-the last song on her farewell album "Whistle Down The Wind."

We are entering the end times for some of the…

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