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Remembering Dwight Diller

Texas on Ugljan

Remembering Dwight Diller. This is a tune he showed me, sometime when we were driving around the East Coast listening to Pilgrim's Progress on the van tape player, talking life and death, cracking jokes, making music. Dwight's

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Tim Eriksen in the Secret Garden

Here's a selection of Songs From The Secret Garden, a UK production from a while back. I learned Sandy Boys from Dwight Diller, but I suspect he'd say I rock and rolled it, and that it should be more of…

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Shep Jones Hornpipe/Making a Stone Ax

Shep Jones was a local character who played fiddle for dances around Stony Brook Harbor in a community whose other notable fiddlers included "Black Tony" Clapp whose grave I remember visiting when I was about 8 for some reason, and…

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Tim Eriksen - The Southern Girl's Reply

Pretty soon after I picked up the fiddle, around the end of the war in Bosnia, I learned this from the wildly under appreciated Jeff Davis, although I already kind of knew it from Anne and Frank Warner's recording of…

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HOPE Tim Eriksen and Tatiana Hargreaves

At 50th street station in NYC. I just returned from a lovely three day run at the Irish Arts Center in Hell's Kitchen culminating in a collaboration with Tatiana Hargreaves and Allison de Groot in celebration of the release of…

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Died For Love Fisher: A Sailor's Life

When I post about my music it tends to generate much less interest than when I post about random crap that happened to me, so here's my facebook post from my hotel room in Palm Beach, FL the other day…

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