Died For Love Fisher: A Sailor's Life

When I post about my music it tends to generate much less interest than when I post about random crap that happened to me, so here's my facebook post from my hotel room in Palm Beach, FL the other day: I went down to the pool to swim but I left my phone in the room because I didn't want it to fall into the pool and I figured nothing very interesting would happen that I would want to take a picture of and then a large iguana fell out of a palm tree into the pool and got chased around by a bunch of rich people and engaged in what I imagine was some sort of defensive excretion and then they had to close the pool so I'm going to see if there are any donuts instead. The song comes from my grandfather's copy of Heart Songs with bits I remember from other places. I arranged it as a hymn tune back in the 90s and some people still sing it.