Behold the Earth - Every Sound Below

One old new moon, as sister, cast a beam.

This newest moon, as rock, casts only shadow.

What speed westward could stop her being swallowed by the hills?

Which of all the fairest sounds between this rock and ours casts…

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Cold Mountain - Am I Born to Die?

And am I born to die

To lay this body down

And as my trembling spirit fly Into a world unknown

A land of deepest shade

Unpierced by human thought

The dreary region of the dead

Where all things are…

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Cold Mountain - Idumea

This is the nineteenth and final song from the soundtrack from the movie Cold Mountain, 2003. Traditional song written by Charles Westley 1707, Amizi Chapin 1812 and arranged by Tim Eriksen. Performed by Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church.

Awake, My Soul

"Awake, My Soul" is a feature documentary that explores the history, music, and traditions of Sacred Harp singing, the oldest surviving American music. While often linked only to its history, (e.g. the songs were used in the recent historical films…

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Behold the Earth

A music-rich documentary film that explores America's divorce from the outdoors through conversations with legendary scientists, as well as a new generation of creation-care activists within America's Christian communities. 

Four time Grammy-award winning musician Dirk Powell leads the arrangements of…

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Chrystal - Billy Bob Thorton

Tim also has a solo acoustic version of the song I Love Music (found in its electric form as Eyelovemusic on What it Is) in the film Chrystal featuring Billy Bob Thornton and Lisa Blount. Also on the soundtrack are…

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Refugee - the play

Sudbina Theater Company is an up-and-coming theater company based out of the Pioneer Valley, in Massachusetts. Under the direction of theater scholar and playwright, Milan Dragicevich, STC recently completed their successful run of the world premiere of "Refugee" at the…

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Behold the Earth - the cool of the day

From the film "Behold the Earth" directed by David Conover. Here's a song by Jean Ritchie that Dirk Powell suggested for the upcoming documentary for which he's putting together the music. I mostly knew Jean Ritchie from her association with…

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