And Pass From Hence Away - Tim singing in Carnegie Hall

Evan Chamber's orchestral song cycle The Old Burying Ground was performed in Carnegie Hall and featured Tim Eriksen.

Evan Chambers brings to life the epitaphs etched in stone so many years ago in Jaffery, New Hampshire in his first release…

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Sarasa Sama Dana

My dear friend and mentor David Reck passed away last night. I'll be posting more in coming weeks- there's a lot to say. For now here's something I filmed for David in the Spring of 2020. I learned it from…

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Fretless Bajo Sexto Improvisation

One of my projects over the past year without gigs has been to finally create and work on playing this fretless bajo sexto. I've been playing (trying to figure out) bajo sexto since 2004. That's kind of a long story…

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Tim Eriksen and Maciej Kaziński- Greenwood Side

Tim Eriksen- voice Maciej Kaziński- hurdy gurdy.

I recently found this recording we made in Jarosław, Poland in 2008. It's an off the cuff study for what was to have been a larger collaboration. Sadly Maciej passed in 2018. Among…

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Song of the Aliened American- Joshua McCarter Simpson

Filmed at the David Ruggles Center for Underground Railroad History, May 20, 2018. Originally published in 1852, this version comes from the retrospective collection The Emancipation Sidecar, 1874. Song of the “Aliened American.” (Joshua McCarter Simpson-The Emancipation Car pp. 17-18)

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Leave your light on tonight

I wrote this a long time ago, and it's still one of my favorites. Long story. Short story is that it's snowing out, and I wanted to play this in the yard with my new tiny guitar that somehow sounds…

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236 Tim Eriksen tenor

Somebody on facebook said something about practicing leading Sacred Harp using stuffed animals. I bleeped over the idea at first, but it grew on me in the spirit of "why not" hopefully becoming the new "why." This is hardly the…

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A favorite song of Amelia Clark, 1850-1944, learned from her 1848 tunebook I found at a flea market 30 years ago, with many thanks to Club Passim and their PEAR Fund (Passim Emergency Artist Relief). The folks at Passim have…

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Every Sound Below- Pumpkintown Version

From the Magic Lantern Musical "Pumpkintown" featuring Peter Irvine, percussion and Susan Brearey, paintings and projections with an 1880 magic lantern.

Kathy Mattea - Calling Me Home (w/Tim Eriksen)

Kathy Mattea singing the title song of her album "Calling Me Home". Backup includes Tim & Mollie O'Brien, Patty Loveless, Tim Eriksen, Alison Krauss, and Emmylou Harris among others. Enjoy...

"Stories about coal, mountains, wildlife, home, and the Creator. About…

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